The One


"The One" was Director John Scaletta's entry for the 2016 My Rode Reel short film competition. John had penned a brief comedic tale focused on the search that one man goes through to find "the one". The thing is every time he does find her, the reality doesn't live up to the fantasy, and he ends up finding another "one". To compound matters, each time he falls for someone new he has a tattoo on his arm modified to fit the name of the most recent "one". When John came to me with the task of designing the tattoo's for the short he also asked that I come up with a series of girl's names that could be modified in sequence, one to the next. After some brainstorming and quick sketches, I settled on a sequence, but it was no easy task! The day of filming John invited me out to the set to physically ink the tattoo's on the lead actors arms progressively. Filming was a blast, and I am proud to report that the short went on to become on of the finalists in the competition's Comedy category!

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 7.49.46 PM.png