The Witches' Pass


After a wonderful experience with independent filmmaker Craig Bass and his crew on the short film "Ark", I was asked to assist with their next undertaking, "The Witches' Pass". "The Witches' Pass" is a true Halloween film, pulling on inspiration from classic All Hallow's material such as Hocus Pocus, but with a distinctly modern twist. My involvement was once again as a producer, but I also took on the mantle of Production Designer this time around. This was another exercise in variety as I helped to prep locations, painted the warning sign, and headed up the wardrobe and makeup departments. That really cool witch's hat made out of remnants--yeah, I did that! Craig and I agreed that it would be a fun little easter egg for the lead actor to wear t-shirt for our friend's band, Sleeping With Spiders, so I whipped up a Hamlet-inspired logo. I also designed the title treatment for the film's credits, as well as the poster. All in all, I couldn't think of a better way to spend the Halloween season!